Back to BlogWhy should you consider an apprenticeship with FPS?

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First People Solutions’ track record for providing top-class training is extensive and long-running with our Apprenticeship Scheme.  We’ve had numerous young people walk through our doors and armed them with the skills they need to succeed in a variety of positions.  Apprenticeships account for a large part of our business as we believe in training the young people of today, to become the professionals of tomorrow.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is valid option for a number of careers in various sectors.  The benefits of apprenticeships include:

  • Gaining recognised qualifications
  • Gaining real work experience which is relevant to your desired field
  • No debt after completion (unlike a university degree)
  • Bespoke training & support throughout
  • Responsibility from day one – good personal & professional development

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

We run various apprenticeship programmes in different sectors of our business such as administration and recruitment.  Both of these apprenticeships allow our staff to develop basic business skills by working towards a VQ in Business and Administration L3.

Our Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme is a structured way of recruiting talented young people and developing them into skilled Recruitment Consultants, focusing their skills in a specific sector i.e. Construction, Aviation etc.  The apprentice begins as a Resourcer simply searching for CV matches and working with their experienced mentor, learning the basics of recruitment.  They will then move onto a Trainee Recruitment Consultant position, where they will learn relationship management and begin working with clients.  After this, the apprentice is then a full fledged Recruitment Consultant, ready to fly solo and deal with all aspects of recruitment.  To read more about our scheme in detail, check out our handy infographic.

Why FPS?

We take great pride in our apprentices and enjoy spending time and resources nurturing and developing their talents from day one.  Our apprentices are paired up with an experienced member of staff who will act is their mentor and guide them through the apprenticeship programme.  The mentors are also there to support apprentices in the general office environment and to help with integration.

Our office environment is comfortable, relaxed and supportive.  We care about our employees and recognise the need to appreciate our staff and reward hard work.  We have various incentives in place which encourage staff to work hard.  FPS’s retention rate is high and we pride ourselves in our job security and employee satisfaction rates.  Read more about our working culture over at our blog.

What next?

In general, our Apprenticeship Scheme recruits mainly in the summer months – but is always open to new applicants.  If you think an apprenticeship at FPS is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!  You can email your CV to our Office Manager, Tracey Wallace, at and we will get back to you.