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A Day in the life of a Recruiter: Fraser Malloy

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, finding the appropriate people is crucial. It’s not simply about filling vacant positions; it’s about bringing in individuals who can genuinely impact a business. Recruiters serve as key players in this process in many ways. Interested in discovering more about a day in the life of a recruiter? Meet Fraser Malloy, a Senior Recruitment Consultant specialising in White Collar Contract & Permanent Recruitment. This article will dive into Fraser’s daily routine and provide insights into his role as a senior recruitment professional at FPS.

Morning Routine: Starting the Day

I kickstart my day with a podcast for the drive into work, setting the tone for productivity.  Afterward, I go over my emails, prioritising tasks and aligning my agenda for the day ahead.

Engagement and Outreach: Connecting with Candidates

Communication is key. Whether it’s via email, phone calls, or social media, I reach out to candidates with genuine interest and enthusiasm specifying the roles I have for them.  Building rapport and trust is pivotal.

Candidate Screening + Relationship Management

When evaluating candidates, I look beyond just qualifications and experience. I focus on assessing their values, and their “fit” within the organisation. This allows me to build strong partnerships with hiring managers, ensuring that we are aligned on candidate requirements and expectations.  One of my strengths are face to face meetings and this is one of the areas I enjoy the most about my role therefore I will book in meetings and ensure I make the most of these to strengthen client relationships and represent the company as an affable ambassador.

Closing the Day: Wrapping Up and Planning Ahead

As the day winds down, I take note of any outstanding tasks. I prioritise closing communication loops with candidates and clients, ensuring everyone is informed and updated. I also map out my plan for the next day, setting clear objectives.  I then head to the gym most weeknights for a workout (mainly for the sauna) to close off the day.

Any advice for those looking to build a career as a recruiter?

If you’re good at or want to get better at time management, being resourceful and developing confidence – Recruitment is a good stepping stone to these attributes.  It also allows you to develop your character and resilience.   It’s a lucrative career path and you have the opportunity to build great relationships along the way.  You can develop strong communication and social skills and it can open doors of opportunity down the line.

Fun Fact: Outside of Work

Outside of work, you can often find me spending time with my nephew and/or my dog (black lab).  I’m currently learning French on Duo Lingo – Si, Gracias.  I also go to the gym and play football weekly.  I prefer a healthy and active lifestyle, but I also like the odd night out as well – Rum is my go-to.

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