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Work life balance means having a healthy separation from work life and personal/home life.  Sounds simple, right?  It becomes complicated due to individuals’ perceptions of what a good balance is and how to achieve it.

The importance of a good work-life balance

Without a healthy work-life balance, there is a risk of employees becoming run-down, demotivated and at risk of developing mental health problems.  Therefore, it’s important for employers to provide a healthy work environment, with consideration of employees’ needs.

FPS’s commitment to a positive work-life balance

Here at FPS, we recognise that all work and no play makes for a detrimental environment.  We sat down with Office Manager, Tracey, to discuss working life at FPS.  Here’s what she had to say below.

Q: Why do you think having a good work life balance is important?

A: It’s important to encourage a positive work life balance as it encourages employees to enjoy their job, which in turn helps with company productivity.  Other benefits include employees supporting company goals & objects.  This helps strengthen the FPS brand as a whole.  Not only do employees feel better at work, but the company benefits too as staff feel valued and are more engaged.  This all leads to less sickness and absenteeism.  Employees will have more commitment and motivation to succeed within their role too – which creates a strong company culture.

Q: How does FPS ensure that employees have the knowledge and tools available to create their work life balance?

A: FPS places great importance on communication across its offices.  All employees are kept up-to-date with company news, policies and procedures so that they can do their jobs effectively.  Benefits and policies are explained to staff when they start working for FPS, with regular updates available via email or our office notice board.  The office noticeboard is regularly updated with company news and contains a suggestion board, where employees can share their opinions.

Q: What does FPS do to create a positive environment in the workplace?

A: At FPS, we try to ensure that we have a modern, comfortable working environment as we understand that employees spend a lot of their time in the office.  We have introduced some features to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere including sofas, darts board, foosball table, table tennis and TVs.  We also hold events/activities throughout the year to encourage employee engagement such as charity days, team building days out, early finishes on a Friday and our famous ‘Fun Fridays‘.

We’ve also got some new benefits coming in the new year… But you’ll have to wait and see what these are!

Q: Do you think FPS’s policies and corporate culture create a stable environment that makes employees want to stay? What’s your experience with staff turnover?

A: FPS has a very high staff retention rate.  We are a company which prides itself on job security and ensuring everyone is happy within their role.  Listening to our staff & taking their feedback on-board when making company decisions is important to us as we try to continuously improve.  We are open to new ideas and incentives which will help us provide a good work life balance.