Back to BlogBlog Takeover: Jamie’s Apprenticeship Experience

Since it’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we are letting our most recent apprentice, Jamie, take over our blog!  Jamie joined FPS an an Apprentice Resourcer after a year in university.  Take it away, Jamie!

The only option?

If you ask people who are in their final year of high school what they plan to do when they leave, most of them will reply, “I’ll probably go to uni or college”.  If you had asked me the same question, I would have given that answer, and that’s what I actually did do.

Upon leaving high school I thought that going to university was the only option for me.  I was told that I would get a degree followed by a good job, and I’d have a tonne of fun and make lots of friends.  However, the uni life that my high school teachers had sold to me was not the experience that I had.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do.  The fear of inevitable assignments and exams played on the back of my mind.  I was scared that in four years’ time I would have a ‘useless’ degree and no job.  The thought of having to pay off student loans worried me.  I made some great friends, but we never have much time to spend together as we were all either studying or working part time jobs.

Constantly stressed and tired, I knew I couldn’t continue so I dropped out.  I then made the decision to pursue a modern apprenticeship.  This was something that was never really sold to me in high school.  I was told that I wouldn’t be ready to enter the ‘real world’ and that I should enjoy my youth as long as possible.  However, I have had a much better experience since becoming an Apprentice Resourcer with FPS.

My apprenticeship experience

Before I was offered the apprentice position, I did a trial period at FPS.  For a few days, I got to work across different teams and get a taste of office life and the recruitment industry in general.  This experience was invaluable as it gave me the chance to try the job before making any commitments.  From this, I could see a future for my career and a chance to excel in the Technical Team.  At first, I was a little anxious about starting full but I was welcomed back with open arms after my trial period.  I now have a lot to be thankful for.  As an apprentice, I to get to earn whilst I learn and get hands-training.  This valuable experience gives me a real chance to put my skills to the test and gain confidence in the workplace.  To do all of this whilst working towards a recognised qualification is ideal.

I don’t feel pressured to know everything and be perfect straight away as people don’t expect me to be.   The help and support that I get from my colleagues is great – I don’t feel overwhelmed or out of depth.  I also now have more time to spend with friends/family, as I don’t need to work a part-time job or spend my evenings studying.  Being able to earn a qualification whilst gaining knowledge and experience is something I wish I had gotten sooner.  I wish I had considered it in school, or it was something teachers would speak more about.

Looking back

I don’t actually regret going to university for a year because it led me to where I am now.  Going to university/college can be fun and can lead to exciting opportunities, but it’s not for everyone.  If you’re about to leave school and are asking the question, “what am I going to do when I leave?”, then why not consider an apprenticeship?  After all, there’s no harm in exploring your options fully.

To be considered for an apprenticeship at FPS, get in touch with our Office Manager, Tracey, by emailing or calling 0141 270 5006