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Graduates often find themselves stumped when they graduate, in terms of choosing a career path to go down.  Many graduates dismiss the idea of a career in recruitment because a degree isn’t always required to enter the profession.  However, recruitment is a booming industry – in the UK, it is worth £26 billion!

A graduate ‘Recruitment Consultant’ is a perfect way to kick-start your career if you’re ambitious and determined.  We’ve taken on several graduates as consultants over the years and we recently sat down to chat to Gavin MacQueen – one of our graduate success stories.  Read more to see what he had to say about his career journey.

Interview with Gavin

Q: What was your degree in and did you think you’d be working in that field?

A: My degree was in Business with a focus on Sports.  I thought I’d work in something relating to sports as I thoroughly enjoy it.  Potentially going down a sports marketing route, using the business skills I learned at university.


Q: Was a career in recruitment something you’d given thought to before graduating?

A: No, not at all.  I had heard of it before, but wasn’t really aware of what it actually entailed and how specialized it can be. I thought it was just getting people jobs and that’s it so it didn’t really appeal to me.


Q: What has been the most challenging part of starting your career in recruitment as a graduate?

A: I’d say that learning about the industry and specific jobs, what they entail etc. has been challenging.  I recruit in the M&E sector, which I’ve never worked in before, so a lot of the terminology and processes were completely new to me.

I don’t just recruit candidates, I also bring in business via meeting with clients and arranging deals/supplier lists etc. This is the most challenging part as it involves a lot of different people, who want different things.  Getting the balance right for each client takes some practice.


Q: Do you feel that skills you’d learned in university are being put to good use in your current role? 

A: I felt that my university experience gave me mostly theoretical knowledge surrounding business and markets etc.  So working as a Recruitment Consultant has enabled me to put these theories into practice and develop myself from both a professional and personal perspective.


Q: You’ve been in your role just over a year now – what’s the most important thing you’ve learned?

A: I think perseverance is one of the most useful skills I’ve developed at FPS.  Building relationships and seeing things through to the end is so important in Account Management.  Building relationships with clients and candidates really pays off and it really makes a difference if you stick with something/someone, rather than giving up when things get hard.


Q: Are you enjoying your experience as a Recruitment Consultant?

A: Yes, I enjoy my job.  It can be hard and frustrating, but it’s extremely rewarding.  When you meet your targets and see the numbers at the end of the week, they spur you on and make you want to do better and go further.


Q: What do you like about FPS?

A: I like the culture at FPS as everyone is open-minded and willing to help one another.  Colleagues, Managers and Directors alike are approachable and down to earth.  FPS are fair with their targets and give you what you need to succeed.  The company culture is a good one and I feel appreciated as an employee.


Check out the path of a graduate Recruitment Consultant below:

graduate recruitment consultant career path

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