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December is seen to be the quietest time of the year in the recruitment calendar.  The festive period is beginning and everyone is looking forward to that well-deserved break at the end of the year.  This unfortunately results in candidate pools tightening and job opportunities slowing down, which means people see January as the prime time for seeking new jobs/candidates.  The new year also signifies new beginnings and new opportunities for many, with people having fresher outlooks for the year ahead.

However, after having hands on experience in the recruitment industry, you soon realise that December being quiet is a misconception and in fact it’s a perfect time for recruiters to continue their success.


Despite the general perception that the majority of candidates are reluctant to move positions at this time of year, there is a more optimistic view to take on this.

Christmas is often a deadline for projects to be finished or are scheduled to be delayed over the festive season.  This means that those working on these projects would have slightly more free time to consider opportunities that they’d previously missed or brushed off, due to their hectic work schedule. Additionally, with Christmas shopping on the mind, those who are organised tend to leave a day or two spare in December, which emphasises that bit more flexibility to attend interviews or update their CV.

Alternatively, there are a number of candidates that have a 4 week notice to keep in mind so to really achieve that fresh start in January, it is ideal timing to get along to interviews and hear about new opportunities in December to give them a clear view of their market can offer them.


December is a key time to not only seek out those sought after candidates, but also to strengthen relationships with existing clients and candidates.

Getting out of the office and going for a site or office visit gives you the opportunity to thank clients personally for their collaboration and continued business over the past year.  An end of year meeting allows you to gain a better perspective of the clients’ plans and ambitions and how you will be able to support them with these plans.

With a better idea of what clients will require, now is the perfect time to let candidates know of potential opportunities which may become available, giving them time to consider a potential move.

Additionally, checking in with your current candidate pool to enquire about their current employment situation, whether it be permanent or contract, will allow you to plan ahead and ensures you maintain those positive relationships by offering any support they may need.

Planning and Organisation

Preparation is key in December.  After the Christmas break, recruiters are welcomed back to the crucial month of January where; budgets are renewed, candidate pools widen and clients begin their search for the right staff at the right time. By having a solid plan for the start of January, you will be able to tackle the first couple of weeks with your best resources.

Having a good social and online presence over the Christmas period, emphasises the employer brand and increases candidates’ and clients’ awareness of the opportunities that you can offer.  This includes ensuring all your adverts are across the job boards and social media platforms to attract potential candidates, providing updates on the work that your company has achieved in the past year and what services you can offer.

Having a good idea of the companies that you aim to build a new working relationship with is also a good place to start.  Doing your research on the up and coming projects/company expansions gives you the advantage to prepare for how you can effectively introduce yourself to potential clients and give you a sound understanding for how you can help their business.

With all this in mind, it’s a good time to organise your existing clients, candidates and resources to ensure that they are utilised within your future plans – whether that be payroll, availability or interview queries.

When you consider all of these elements it shows that December isn’t as quiet as it is perceived and in fact, can be one of the busiest times in the recruitment calendar year.

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Author: Aimee Watt