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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week.  To mark this important week, we’ve put together a mental health wellness list.  Read ways to keep your mind and body healthy below:

  • Keep active – Being physically active releases chemicals in your brain which makes you feel better.  It can also improve your body confidence and may help with your sleep
  • Eat well – try not to indulge in unhealthy office snacks on a regular basis and prepare a healthy lunch in advance.  A healthy diet helps create a healthy body, which affects how you feel
  • Take a break – give yourself some ‘me-time’, whether it be 5 minutes away from your desk or relaxing after work, take time for yourself.
  • Talk – get chatting to those around you and share you thoughts and experience.  This can be particularly helpful if you’re feeling down or stressed.
  • Ask for help – if you need it, ask!  Those around you may not notice you’re struggling and most people would be willing to help.  Similarly, offer a hand to someone you feel may benefit from it.
  • Get enough sleep – a lack of sleep can affect your mood and your ability to perform your job effectively.  Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  Distractions such as phones and TVs should be removed from the sleeping area if possible.

Life at FPS

At FPS, we value our employees’ mental well-being and happiness.  We aim to make the work environment positive & encouraging.  Some examples of fun days and activities include:

  1. Fun Fridays every month – a member of staff will select a dress up theme e.g. superheroes! Pizza is delivered to the office and we also have a collection for a chosen charity.
  2. Dress down every Friday – staff are permitted to dress down on Fridays which creates a relaxed atmosphere to round up the week.
  3. Staff social activities – regular social activities are arranged including team lunches, nights out and in-office fun.
  4. Fun in the office – we have a dart board, a foosball table and table tennis in office for staff to wind down on their breaks (there might even be a tournament every now and then!)
  5. Various charity days – we also take part in charity events such as Red Nose Day and Children in Need.

If you’d like to find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week, check out charity Mind’s website.

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