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sparklers fireworks against dark background bonfire night

It’s Guy Fawkes Night aka Bonfire Night – the annual commemoration of the failed plot to blow up parliament in 1605.  Although you might not feel quite like blowing up your place of work – you may have lost your spark and we’re here to help!  We’ve put together some handy tips to re-light your fire and get your job motivation back.

Aim to develop yourself, always

So you’ve found yourself in a routine, bored of the day-to-day?  Think about what you want out of your career and align your goals to help you get there.  This may involve further training, volunteering, developing skills or taking on another role/duty.  You could sit down with your manager and discuss a plan of action, including goals and objectives you want to meet.

Start the day right

Set out a routine which gets you ready for the day ahead.  Being ready and feeling organised can do wonders for your mood.  This could be anything from prepping breakfast, waking up a bit earlier or going to the gym.  Being rushed causes physical and emotional stress (whether you notice it or not), whereas allowing the correct amount of time will help you feel in control.

Swap/delegate tasks (where possible)

Swapping tasks/projects with a co-worker enables both parties to get their mojo back – working on something new and fresh.  Your skills may also be better aligned with someone else’s task and vice versa; swapping can allow the best work to be produced by focusing on people’s strengths.  Delegating tasks allows you to focus on other things and helps build team relationships, both of which will have a positive impact.

Make use of company benefits

Most companies have a list of benefits for employees, do you know yours?  From free hot drinks, discounted gym memberships or flexitime – these benefits are there to be used and enjoyed.  Find out what’s on offer and what you could be missing out on as part of your employment.  Enjoying these benefits may help you appreciate your role and get your job motivation back!

Create a pleasant workplace environment

Clear up your working area, get rid of clutter and add some home touches.  This could be a picture of your family, a nice planner or an accessory that makes you smile.  Anything that creates a positive association with your work will make you feel better about coming in every day.

Get involved in (or create) extra-curricular activities

Do you find yourself shying away from charity days, team lunches, dressing up and all the other quirky things involved in work life?  Try not to exclude yourself from these activities – even if they sound silly or ‘a waste of time’.  Small things like dressing up or team drinks can help lift the mood of the office and build strong relationships, especially with those you wouldn’t normally talk to through work.  We spend a lot of our lives at work and ensuring you give yourself some time to enjoy it and create memories is important!  Check out our staff activities here.

Finally, remember why you took the job in the first place

Think back to when you went for the interview and were ecstatic to get a job offer.  What was it that attracted you to the position or made you excited at the prospect of working there?  Making a list of good things about your job can be helpful in remembering why you accepted the offer in the first place.  Even if your circumstances are different now, it can be helpful to look back and seethe benefits of the job and experience you’ve gained so far.

If you have attempted to reignite your passion and don’t feel like it’s the right fit any more, our consultants can help! Get in touch now to discuss your needs: +44(0)141 270 5000 or +44(0)131 202 9942 or +353 (0)1 691 7130 and get your job motivation back!