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A January job search is the perfect way to start the new year – a new beginning.  Despite the opinion that January is an unstable month for switching jobs, we’re here to tell you why that’s not necessarily the case.

New Year, New Budgets

The start of the year often means new budgets for many industries, which include recruitment budgets.  This means companies are likely to seek new candidates at this time of year.  The greater number of vacancies also means that there may be a lower concentration of candidates for each role.

Slow December equals busy January

December tends to be a slow month for hiring as everyone is busy with the holiday season.  This means there are jobs sitting available in January that were not filled the month before.  These roles are likely to be urgent due to the length of time on the market and puts you in a good position if you’re readily available.

Filling new empty posts

A lot of people like a fresh start in the new year which, consequently, leaves open positions in companies where staff have resigned for a ‘fresh start’.  This means there is now room for someone new and this could be you!  These positions are great opportunities to get into a company you admire and in a good position within the company.

Decision makers are present

Because big projects have yet to take off and business is just getting back to normal after the holidays, January is the time of year where the greatest number of management (decision makers) are in the office. This means the hiring process can be streamlined.  There won’t be severe issues in meeting the right people and getting decisions made regarding your application.

So what are you waiting for?  Kick start your January job search by checking out our latest vacancies here and get that fresh start you desire!