Interview Tips

Got an interview planned and don’t know where to start?  Read our top tips on preparing for an interview and securing the position you want.

So you’ve went and got yourself an interview – congratulations!  Now is your time to shine and make sure you make a good impression. 

Follow our interview tips below to give you the best chance of securing the job you want. 




You can never know too much about the company you are aiming to get a job with.  Research as much as possible and learn everything you can about the role and the company in general.  This will show that you are organised and interested in the company and what they stand for. Particularly look for any recent news or developments from the company.

Plan your route

You’ll most likely be given an address and time for your interview.  Make sure you plan ahead and decide how you are going to get to your interview.  Use Google Maps or similar and do a test run if you are nervous.  Remember to account for traffic and any other possible delays – being late does not make a good first impression!

Dress appropriately

Some interviews require a more formal dress code than others.  If you are unsure, it’s always best to be overdressed than to look unprofessional.  Plan an outfit and make sure it is ready for the interview and that you are comfortable in it.

Prepare for possible questions

Think of popular interview questions and prepare some answers beforehand – that way, you don’t have to think on the spot for a full answer.  Come up with a few competency answers that highlight your skills/the skills needed for the job.  Focus on the outcome of your actions – how did your behaviour benefit the company/situation?

Prepare examples

Linked to the previous point, prepare example in past jobs which back up what you are saying.  If your job is something in which a portfolio would be expected, ensure you’ve prepared your best work and are ready to showcase it.  If you have one any awards or certificates for your work, ensure you mention them in the interview.

Be conscious of your body language

Be aware that it is not just what you say in an interview, but how you act.  Use positive body language such as making eye contact, good posture, smiling and a confident hand shake.  Be mindful to avoid negative body language such as folded arms, clock-watching, turning your body away from the interviewer and minimal facial expressions/reactions.

Have some questions you’d like to ask

Have a think of any questions you’d like to ask and make a note of them.  This could be about the role or the direction of the company/department.  It could also be when you’re likely to hear back from the interviewer.  Asking questions shows that you are interested in what the company does and that you are keen to join the team.

Follow up

If you haven’t heard from the interviewer after an appropriate length of time or after they said they’d be in touch – arrange to contact them.  This could be a quick email or phone call requesting some feedback from the interview.  Be sure to give the company time to get back to you, otherwise you may appear impatient.  Remain professional and do not convey anger at the lack of communication.