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15 of the most scary & dangerous jobs in the world

15 of the most scary and dangerous jobs in the world

Halloween is just around the corner and we have put together a list of the 15 most scary & dangerous jobs in the world.

15.  Air traffic controller


Air traffic controllers play a major part in ensuring your safety while you’re up in the air. They guide and advise pilots at take off, during the flight, as they approach the airport and when they land. The role has massive responsibility, and can bear massive pressure on the individual, making it one of the most scary and dangerous jobs on earth.

14. Bush Pilot


A bush pilot, is a pilot that flies small aircrafts over rugged terrain or unsettled regions to serve remote areas inaccessible to or off the route of larger planes, usually to deliver cargo. This job has very high risks, studies put the chances of a Bush Pilot dying in a crash at one in eight during a 30-year career, therefor bush pilots make it on to the list of 15 most scary & dangerous jobs in the world.

13. CTS Decon Technician


After a serious crime takes place and the investigation is completed, a CTS Decon Technician must come in to clean it all up. CTS Decon stands for “crime and trauma scene decontamination”. A CTS Decon Technician has to get down and dirty with biohazards like splattered blood and such human remains as brain tissue, as well as dangerous chemicals from places such as meth labs.

12. Oil Workers

Extreme Heights, freezing temperatures, fires and oil rig explosions, top the list of dangers facing an oil rig worker on a daily basis.

11. Electricians

One of the most dangerous and life threatening jobs is the work of an electrician. Exposure to live electricity wires can be very hazardous. Electricians need to work on circuit assemblies, overhead electricity wires, and cable harnesses. There is the danger of severe injury and in some cases death due to electrocution, heights, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shocks and even explosions in some cases.

10. Transmission tower worker

Working on high altitude transmission towers, sometimes many hundreds of feet in the air. Most of the time workers free climb up the towers so one wrong move could be fatal, this is not for the faint of heart.

9. Cryonics Technician


Only a small number of people are working as Cryonics Technicians today, but that doesn’t make the job any less creepy. Cryonics involves attempting to preserve people who are legally dead at very low temperatures, so that they can be revived in the future with medical advancements. Preserving dead bodies in freezing temperatures all day makes being a Cryonics Technician’s a very scary profession.

8. Miner


Miners spend long hours underground, confined to small spaces and working in extreme darkness. It is a very dangerous and scary job and comes with very big risks.

7. Construction worker


Construction workers face dangers such as falls, electrocution, frequent exposure to loud noise, breathing in hazardous substances that damage their lungs…

6. Field Epidemiologist


Field Epidemiologists, are employed by organizations to go into “Hot Zones” and prevent outbreaks of a deadly disease turning into full-on pandemics. They are protected by little more than a hazmat suit. Field Epidemiologists get up close and personal with germs, blood, needles and dead bodies on a daily basis, not to mention the risk of contracting a deadly disease themselves.

5. Roofer


Working at heights, sometimes in slippery conditions, they face the danger of falling, receiving burns from hot bitumen and sustaining injuries from their equipment.

4. Stunt Pilot


Living a life of death defying stunts can bring extreme excitement but can also carry extreme dangers. The work of a stunt pilot requires amazing skills, concentration and nerve – one wrong move in a stunt could end the life of the pilot and spectators.

3. Construction Equipment Operator


The main dangers and threats to these operators are collision with other vehicles, loss of limbs and crushing from heavy machinery.

2. Truck Driver


Around 54,000 road accidents involving professional drivers take place on British roads every year – which is around 250 a day. Drivers are exposed to bad weather conditions and can suffer from sleep deprivation which may result in collisions.

1. Vertical Window Cleaners


These window cleaners risk life and limb keeping the world’s tallest buildings sparkling and clean all year round. These cleaners hang from ropes many hundreds of feet in the air to clean the outside of some of the world’s tallest buildings, one wrong move could be fatal.

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Top 5 Countries with highest OIL RESERVES

Top 5 Countries with highest OIL RESERVES


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New Drilling Job Opportunities – North Sea and International Waters


North Sea Vacancies!

Oil and Gas jobs Oil & Gas vacancies in the North Sea!

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The Best Cities for Oil & Gas Professionals

Have you ever wondered which cities are the best for Oil and Gas professionals?

According to 8,000 industry executives and engineers surveyed by Rigzone, the best global oil and gas cities based on increasing opportunities for exploration, production, transportation, technology, developments and refining, are the following:

10. Cairo, Egypt

A vital, non-OPEC member, Egypt is the second largest natural gas producer and largest oil producer in Africa. With its first oil well – Gamasah – dating back to the early 1900s, as of January 2012, Egypt holds nearly 4.4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and nearly 77 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company Petroliam National Berhad (Petronas) holds rights to all of the country’s oil and gas resources. However, it wasn’t Petronas that discovered Malaysia’s rich resources. In 1910, Royal Dutch Shell plc discovered Malaysia’s first oil field – onshore Sarawak. Currently, the country’s oil reserves are the third largest in the Austral-Asia region (after China and India).

8. Mumbai, India

With Mumbai being at the center of the business and oil and gas industries, most of the country’s important dealings occur in Mumbai. The city even has one of the world’s largest oil fields named after it. Mumbai High Field, considered to be the most important oil field in the country, resides west of India’s Mumbai coast. This massive oil and gas field con  tributes roughly 65 percent of the country’s indigenous crude oil production.

The country had 5.5 billion barrels of proved oil reserves at the end of 2012, mostly in the western part of the country, and 43.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves at the end of 2012, mostly offshore, according to US. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Until recently, Petrobras held a monopoly on most oil-related activities in the country, but the city is now home to many Brazilian branches of oil and gas companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell plc, EBX Group, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. Today, only 2 percent of oil exploration in Brazil is conducted by foreign companies with an estimated research and development budget of $500 million in 2011, according to Forbes magazine.

This number is expected to increase 25 percent, attracting investments from Chevron Corp, Repsol S.A, BP plc and a few other O&G companies. The total amount of foreign research and development investment is forecasted to hit $7 billion by 2017, said Forbes. With more and more foreign investment, there is an extensive range of job opportunities for expats moving or relocating to Brazil.

6. Perth, Australia

Perth-based Woodside Energy, along with its partners, own extensive gas reserves in the Browse Basin. Royal Dutch Shell plc is another company active in the basin and is developing its Prelude project there – a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility that will be used to develop Shell’s Prelude and Concerto gas fields located in the basin.

Western Australia has a number of major gas projects currently under development including: Chevron’s $45-billion Gorgon gas project that aims to develop some 35.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas located 120 miles from the state’s coastline; the $31-billion Browse LNG project; and the $30-billion Chevron-Wheatstone LNG project.

5. Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is located where the Australian, Pacific and Southeast Asian tectonic plates meet. Most major petroleum discoveries in Indonesia have been associated with Tertiary-era sediments or, locally, with either basement or Tertiary volcanic phenomena.

A one-time OPEC member, Indonesia – the world’s fourth most-populous country with almost 240 million people – remains heavily dependent on petroleum. Its economy saw primary energy consumption increase by more than 50 percent during the last decade.

The country has 60 sedimentary basins. Thirty-six of these in the mature west have been well explored, with 14 currently producing oil and gas. In the under-explored east, 39 Tertiary and Pre-Tertiary basins show strong potential for hydrocarbons.

4. Singapore, Singapore

The oil and gas industry has also played an integral role in Singapore’s economy since oil trading began in 1891. Singapore is one of the world’s top three export refining centers, according to the EDB. A number of drilling rig and offshore support vessel manufacturers, including Keppel Corporation and SembCorp Marine Ltd., call Singapore home.

In 2013, these companies are expected to continue reaping the benefits of higher oil prices, growing offshore exploration and production investments worldwide and demand for high-specification drilling rigs. Singapore’s marine and offshore sector is expected to benefit from investments by Asian companies in deepwater exploration, drilling and production. Last year, Douglas Westwood forecast that, from 2011 to 2016, Asian companies will invest $28.8 billion in these activities, more than double the $11.6 billion spent in the previous five-year period of 2007 to 2011.

3. Denver, United States

While gold mining brought the first settlers to Denver, companies that are part of the air transportation, telecommunications, aerospace, and manufacturing industries are also found in Denver today. A number of oil and gas companies are also present in Denver, including Halliburton, Noble Energy Inc., Anadarko Petroleum Corp., EnCana Corp., EOG Resources Inc., and GE Oil & Gas.

Innovation in multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology has allowed the oil and gas industry to begin exploring Colorado’s unconventional resources. These resources include shale and tight sands within three basins. Of these plays, the Niobrara currently is the most active, according to a report by the Institute for 21st Century Energy.

2. Calgary, Canada

The city’s growth has paralleled the fortunes of Alberta’s oil and gas industry, which rose to prominence with the province’s first major oil discovery at Leduc in 1947.

Alberta’s Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) reports the province’s conventional established oil reserves stand at approximately 1.5 billion barrels; the province produces nearly 500,000 barrels per day of conventional crude. Conventional oil production has tapered off in the mature Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, but Alberta’s oil sands will ensure that Alberta maintains a prominent role in the global energy industry. The province’s oil sands reserves hold nearly 170 billion barrels of bitumen recoverable with technology available as of 2011.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Although Dubai is located in the country that boasts some of the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves, its bounty of hydrocarbon resources pales in comparison to those of neighboring emirate Abu Dhabi. Nevertheless, Dubai has been an offshore oil producer since the 1966 discovery of the Fateh field in the Persian Gulf. In addition to Fateh, other key offshore fields developed by national oil company Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE) have included South West Fateh, Falah and Rashid. In February 2010, DPE made another significant offshore discovery that is currently under development: the Al Jalila oil field.

Aside from DPE, E&P companies such as Dragon Oil, drilling contractors such as KCA Deutag Drilling Inc. and Odfjell and service companies such as Halliburton Co. and Wood Group are among oil and gas industry players maintaining a significant presence in Dubai.



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FPS WIN at Scottish Recruitment Awards 2010

2010 year saw the 4th annual Scottish Recruitment Awards take place at Glasgow’s prestigious Hilton Hotel on Thursday 10th June. With 5 finalists nominated across 4 categories, First People Solutions were delighted to take away the award for Individual Volume Specialist (Kelly Rossi, Aviation) and receive special commendation for Individual Recruitment Consultant (Scott Wilson, Construction) – both pictured above.

Managing Director, John Scott commented, “To see one of our consultants walk away with recognition this year is an extremely special achievement, but two is more than we could have wished for. Both Kelly and Scott are deserving winners, who give total commitment to their clients, candidates and their careers at First People Solutions. We are extremely proud of them. The past year has been incredibly exciting for our company with a significant change in structure as part of the FPSG group of companies. This recognition is testimony to the vision and commitment that our people possess, being able to see the business and career opportunities that exist for them as members of the FPS team. Our other finalists narrowly missed out this year, but a huge well done to them also on achieving their place within the Scottish top 3 in their specialist area. We are all extremely excited about the coming year and have our sights set on the 2011 awards. “

The First People Solutions Scottish Recruitment Award 2010 finalists:

Individual Volume Specialist – Kelly Rossi (WINNER)

Individual Recruitment Consultant – Scott Wilson (Special commendation)

Recruitment Team of the Year – Aviation

Newcomer of the Year – David Anderson

Volume Specialist of the Year – Stevie Kane

The Scottish Recruitment Awards were created by Scottish Business Insider to recognise the industry’s top talent and showcase the outstanding achievements of recruitment companies across Scotland. For more information on the awards please visit –